Monday, December 12, 2016

Apple's 'revolutionary' touch bar...

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Apple Inc. is no doubt a trendsetter in the tech industry. Rumors are now spreading about it's intentions to manufacture self driving cars and all. But lets get to something the billion dollar company is best set at manufacturing. Or must I say...'was' best set at.

Apple has long lost its charm of 'innovation' since Mr. Jobs passed away. He sure did leave a mark in the industry and brought the organisation to its peak. But I've been noticing something that most analysts and Apple loyalist have been noticing too - the gradual downward trend of innovation from Apple. The Macbook Pro, a device that stood for not just its classy looks but its high quality and highest calibre of internal specs that developers and creative heads craved for. It's externals were accommodative with the versatile ports. The pricing was out of this world but when it delivered what it promised for, it did it with might and ease.

The 2016 Macbook Pro defies all of the above praises. Gone are the top-notch specs, gone is the versatility and gone higher than ever is the pricing. Apple has shown, with this product, that it is no longer aiming to be a brand for the masses but for the chosen few. The chosen elite class that'd spend on this machine for the sake of spending and in fear of getting outdated by the old one. Agreed the TouchBar is a new external feature among all the PCs today. But, in the process of appealing to a new set of audiences, they've completely ignored their existing ones. Developers and creative heads crave for higher specs but Apple has put a cap on that too.

Its high time Apple realises where its heading is nowhere but doom, because you cannot create revolution in the name of 'courage'...