Monday, December 12, 2016

Budget is the new elite...

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One of the few definitions of the word 'budget' is 'inexpensive' or 'affordable'. In the tech world, this small word today, is widely used, as a prefix to many gadgets. Budget smartphones, budget laptops, budget cameras, budget this budget that. But who exactly gets to decide what's budget and whats not?

Literally, there might be a definition for the term 'budget' but in practicality there is no fixed definition. Then how do we use this term today and in what context? This mere word that everyone overlooks has given manufactures the power to systematically segregate the market, segregate the consumers, implying, segregation of the society based on their status and wealth. For example, its a clear fact that even though Apple says that they aim to create a market for the masses, they end up only in the hands of the few elite and the higher middle class that put their life savings into an Apple product. To companies like Apple, the word 'budget' does not eve exist in their dictionary. Then on the other hand, we have a company like OnePlus with the motto 'NeverSettle'. They came out to be recognised as the manufacturer of the most supreme budget smartphones. Gradually bumping the pricing while maintaining the loyalty is yet another cunning strategy that they've applied to grab our attention. 

A Moto G3 within the price range of Rs. 8k - 9k is considered a budget smartphone, and so is a OnePlus 3T at Rs. 30k. What has clearly happened here is the creation of two extremes in the budget category itself. While companies like Apple and Samsung compete at the peak of the mountain to maintain high ground, there's a silent battle at the bottom to be the best at the bottom too. But what we fail to realise and notice is that it'll just take a few more successors for the OnePlus family before they boost themselves to the peak with a division within itself. A day will come when there will be a OnePlus smartphone launched to compete shoulder to shoulder both in terms of specs and pricing with Apple and Samsung and another smartphone to compete at the lower end.

Little will we realise the strategy of systematic mind control is what made OnePlus the #1 smartphone maker in the smartphone industry...